Emerging Technologies Policy Forum

Catalysing technically-informed policy discourse on emerging technologies 


By founders with deep expertise across artificial intelligence, quantum computing, theoretical physics, game theory and law.

With backgrounds from Harvard, Yale, Oxford and NUS.


Our Research

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, we publish policy whitepapers, research papers and op-eds in global newspapers, journals and conferences as part of our advocacy work.

Our global team of researchers and research affiliates come from top universities around the world including Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford Law School, Harvard, Yale and the National University of Singapore.

Our Virtual Lab

As a think tank made up of technologists, some of our policy outputs include open-sourced technologies and tools built for regulators, policymakers and consumers to use in addressing issues brought about by emerging technologies.

We have curated helpful tools and resources on AI fairness, as well as started crowdsourcing an Adversarial Tracker to track the progress of publicly-known adversarial attacks against machine learning, and the state of their corresponding defences. We are also working on a Chrome extension tool for masking social media images from image recognition systems to return user privacy.

Over time, we will be building more open-source tools to help policymakers with regulating emerging technologies.

Policy Advocacy and Outreach

Those driving the regulation and policymaking of emerging technologies need to understand the underlying tech. Through a series of workshops, discussion roundtables and working groups, we empower technologists with policymaking and legal knowledge, and encourage them to co-create policy with lawyers and policymakers.